Premium Directory Listing

What is a Premium Directory Listing

A premium directory listing is usually the best listing category that a directory has to offer to the subscriber. As in our directory we call the premium directory listing a Gold Directory Listing. When you subscribe to a premium directory listing you have a much better chance at success because they rank better on search engines. These premium listings are usually featured on the home page of the directory. They catch not only more attention of the visitor but the search engines as well.

Successful Back-links from a Premium Directory Listing

When you submit a listing on a directory this listing points to your web site giving you a very valuable back-link. Search engines take these back links and rank your web site by the relevance of the back-link and the quality. If you have the premium directory listing you have the highest quality and this helps you to rank better.

Relevance of a Premium Directory Listing

If you are sending a back-link to your roofing business from a children’s website there is no relevance to your business from that website. The search engines would give that back-link a very low ranking, if they rank it at all. On the other hand, if you list your roofing company website on a business directory with a Roofing Company Category, this back-link would be of much higher quality to search engines increasing your ranking.

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